Ride Along Travel Seat
Ride Along Travel Seat
Ride Along Travel Seat
Ride Along Travel Seat
Ride Along Travel Seat
Ride Along Travel Seat

Ride Along Travel Seat

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"I want to start by saying that this was a life saver on my recent trip with solo with my 10 month old and 3 year old. My 3 year old wanted to ride it the whole time we were in the airport! So many people were talking to us about it or at least pointing to us and smiling from a distance seeing my daughter riding on my suitcase."


Researchers found that 40 percent of parents believe that the prospects of traveling with a child are daunting and exceptionally stressful, negatively impacting their family travel experience.

The Ride-Along Travel Seat is an innovative product with a hammock-like fit and feels. The Ride-Along Travel Seat easily attaches to any rolling luggage. You strap your child into the seat as you would with a stroller and you’re off. 


The Ride-Along Travel Seat makes traveling with your children less daunting. It offers effortless travel time for families, as it transforms into a traveling seat for toddlers up to 50 lbs.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the most rewarding. Your child is looking forward to traveling with you. Simply strap it onto your carry-on luggage, and – ta-da! – your carry-on is now a stroller.





✅ Lightweight

 Weighing just 19 ounces, our travel seat stores easily, folding flat against your luggage to use as an extra pocket or expanding into a standalone seat.

✅ Simplify Airport Travel

With The Ride-Along Travel Seat, traveling with kids can be a little less chaotic and a lot more fun. Consider this the easiest way to carry a child! Leave that stroller at home!

✅ Easy To Install And Remove

Adjustable straps ensure a secure fit, so your child stays safely seated while riding throughout the airport. With the handle held firmly and the child seated safely, simply strap them in, tilt the luggage, and off you go.

✅ Practical And Durable

Use your Ride-Along Travel Seat for years without ever replacing it! Built to last year after year, the portable chair is sewn with strong 1200 denier nylon fabric and a secure lap strap.

✅ Safe For Children Two Years & Up

Our fully collapsable suitcase attaches to your roller bag and converts it into a comfy seat for your little one, ages 2 years and up.



We’ve all seen it — perhaps we’ve been it — the frazzled mom, the frustrated dad, and the wondering child. Wait, did dad forget to pack something? Another common sight at airports around the world: Kids dragging their feet because they are tired while you are on the verge of missing your flight. To a lot of parents, just the thought of traveling with their children makes them want to stay home.
The Ride-Along Travel Seat makes airport navigation WAY easier - a fun and convenient way to transport your child even though the busiest of airports. Kids will love the ride without falling behind or getting their feet tired.  
When we travel with children, we give them the gift of connecting to new people, experiencing new places, and creating irreplaceable memories.  😎



The Ride-Along Travel Seat intended for use by one child, age two or older, with a maximum weight of 50 lbs.
The recommended age of two years is based on the average child’s ability to climb up-down-or on/off things unassisted. Toddlers of all ages have used the seat, so long as they’re able to sit-and stand independently, parent discretion.
Yes, a single strap lap belt is included. Our seat is made to feel hammock-like and ensure the child fits snug and secure. It can be used with or without a lap belt.
Some prefer the flexibility of their child independently getting in and out of their seat. Others prefer to use a lap strap to ensure the child stays within reach.
- Two-wheel roller luggage due to its reliability and durability across variable surfaces. Spinners with high-quality, robust wheeling systems may be used.
- Wheeled luggage made of soft-sided ballistic nylon or polyester material. Luggage made of polycarbonate, or hard-sided material, may compress the bag and cause the seat to be off-center.
It is designed to be used with a standard carry-on, sizes ranging between 18” to 22”.
The top, side, and angle straps can be adjusted to fit most luggage sizes.
Small totes functionally work with Lugabug yet the ease and mobility depend on the size of your child and the structure and quality of the tote. Standard checked luggage sizes range between 23” to 32”.


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